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CCI currently has two openings for a Project Manager and a licensed General Contractor.

Please scroll down to see job descriptions. 

This is an open continuous announcement. Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis until all positions.

Thanks for applying! We’ll be in touch soon.

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Job Description 

  • Process and review applications from Homeowners in accordance with   the Homeowner Selection Guidelines

  • Submit a Work Authorization for a Contractor to perform an initial inspection (feasibility study) of each selected applicant’s home

  • Schedule detailed inspections of the selected, eligible applicants’ homes and the work proposed to be performed

  • Provide a scope of the home repair proposed including cost estimates for the work to be performed for each home

  • Maintain a current list of qualified and eligible Contractors with a principal place of business or the permanent residence of a majority of employees in the City of Pompano Beach

  • Process a Request for Quotations for the work to be performed

  • Facilitate the execution by the Homeowner and Contractor of the Work Authorization and the Homeowner-Contractor Agreement

  • Obtain a Notice to Proceed before authorizing any contractor work

  • Process Change Orders prepared by the Contractor for review and approval

  • Ensure Projects proceed in accordance with the Project Schedule

  • Act as a liaison between the Homeowner and the Contractor for the work to be performed for a Project and document in writing any issue or dispute and the resolution

  • Obtain a Homeowner Satisfaction Survey after the work for a Project is completed by the Contractor

  • Submit Quarterly Progress Reports and Payment Requests

  • Pay Contractors for completed work

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Job Description

Construction Manager will act as a  liaison between CCI, Contractors, and homeowners relating to project scheduling and project work. 

  • Perform and submit initial inspection of each project address (26) 

  • Complete and submit a work description for scope of work 

  • Assist with Contractors Solicitation process 

  • Conduct Contractors Pre-bid meeting  

  • Manage and coordinate Contractors  

  • Monitor performance of work by the Contractors for each Project pursuant to the terms of the Homeowner-Contractor Agreement. 

  • Ensure Projects proceed in accordance with the Project Schedule set forth in the Work Authorization and the Program Schedule. 

  • Provide dispute resolution for the Project as provided in the Homeowner-Contract Agreement, and document in writing the issue or dispute and the resolution. 

  • Review contractors requests related to project work 

  • Verify work is in compliance with City standards, approved drawings and specifications, codes, and permit requirements; 

  • Review Contractors request for payments and close out of project work/site 

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